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Security Update

Kakuro-Online has stepped slowly yet confidently into the future and now uses HTTPS rather than boring old HTTP! Everything seems to be running smoothly; the only downside to this update is that previously saved progress on the generator page will be lost. Sorry for the inconvenience, but in the name of security, sacrifices must sometimes be made.

If you notice any odd site behavior, let me know on the forum.
Posted: Jun 27 2016 11:32 pm

Interface Update

I have modified the puzzle interface to enhance your kakuro-solving experience. Here are the things that were updated:

Undo: This is the big one. With this update, you can undo as many inputs as you want, candidates included. Perfect for trying out possible solving paths! There is no redo, so be careful. Also, undo progress is not retained when you save and load a puzzle.

Automatic error detection: The interface will now tell you immediately once you do something that it considers to be an error. Right now, that's only one of two things, either you have duplicate numbers in a row/column, or you have completed a row/column but the total is incorrect.

Automatic puzzle completion: Related to the above, once you have completed a daily puzzle without errors, it doesn't wait for you to hit the now missing "submit" button, it just submits your time right then.

Greyed-out combos: Previously, when you clicked on a clue to see the possible combos, it would show them all, regardless of what numbers you had input. Now, it will grey out ones that don't contain all the inputted numbers in the row/column. This means that you can sometimes grey out the entire display box, which indicates that you did something wrong.

This is a big update, so, as always, if you find any bugs, let me know on the forum.
Posted: Jun 4 2016 11:53 pm

Minor Update

After reports of bugs dealing with the completion of the daily puzzles, I have updated the way the site handles that functionality. It now will display a red error message if your time is not saved, and a green one once your time is successfully saved.

You might have to refresh the daily puzzle page for the changes to come into effect for you. If it still is not working, let me know.

In other (and older) news, I have added a link to my slitherlink page in the footer. Slitherlinks are another sort of logic puzzle, so if you find kakuros a little boring sometimes, you can check that out instead!
Posted: Feb 24 2015 10:20 pm

Data Loss

Bad news! In my haste to fix a bug (a really minor one), I accidentally overwrote all the records of saved progress in the database. This will mainly affect you if you save your progress on the archived daily puzzles, otherwise you shouldn't notice anything amiss. I apologize.

Luckily, everything else is intact, and this didn't affect any saved progress on the generator page.
Posted: Sep 30 2014 12:00 am
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